Saturday, July 4, 2009

Last week, I have read GAKUEN ALICE Volume 19 Chapter 115 entitled: “Rei’s Out”. Gakuen Alice is one of my favourite manga. It is about a school for gifted children, REALLY gifted, they have powers called Alice. The story revolves around Sakura Mikan as the protagonist of the story. Surrounded by friends, she learns how to control and discover her alices. The latest scanlations by Manga Fox on Gakuen Alice is about Sakura Mikan’s parents. In the latest chapters, she discovered that her father was actually a former teacher on the Alice Academy and her mother was a former student on the said academy.

Note: Spoilers on next paragraph.

Her parents were considered by the school as ‘rebels’ because they contradict the school. Her father has a nullification alice and her mother has both teleportation and the powerful stealing alice. Mikan inherited both her parents alice. She is now the target of the elementary school principal because of her very powerful alice. The elementary school parents a very greedy man. He loves to obtain powers on his hands that is why he sorrounds himself with powerful students known as the Dangerous Ability type. He wanted Mikan so badly that he created so many ways to get her. With Mikan’s friends, she escaped on the elementary school principal’s hands. At the latest chapter, she is still time travelling to know the truth about her parents past and will decide what to do after she see these all. Here is the link for Manga fox Gakuen Alice.

I really like Mikan’s alice. For me, her alice is the most powerful alice on the story. And I love the story between her and Natsume. Although they are still too young for romantic feelings, it still is so wonderful. Natsume is perfect for her. Natsume has a fire alice so he is capable of protecting her. Her friends are also true ones especially her best friend Hotaru who has a technical alice. She can invent amazing gadgets, robots, and the like. I’m guessing that Mikan will leave the academy. After what she saw on her time travel, I’m guessing that she will do whatever she can to protect the others, especially her friends because that is her personality. Although I don’t know what will happen after that, I’m hoping for a better story. I am very excited on the next chapters. :)

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