Monday, July 6, 2009

I have read the latest Skip Beat! Volume 23 Chapter 142 entitled Valentine’s Joker on Manga Fox. But first, let me explain what the story is all about.

The story revolves around a girl named Kyoko Mogami who is so in love with her childhood friend Shotarou Fuwa. She have done almost everything just to please him. When Sho entered for music show business, she then overheard him saying to his manager that she is just garbage for him. After this, she then promised revenge on him by surpassing him in show business. She managed to enter on a very elite talent agency in Japan which she entered as the first member of a department called “Love Me”. The agency’s President Takarada saw the great potential on her but she lacks Love due to her heartbreaking experience with Shotarou. There, she met Ren Tsuruga, a very famous and handsome actor in the country which Shotarou considers as her number 1 rival. She developed a deep realationship with him in the story. Eventually she discovered herself as she takes on many roles.

Skip Beat! is another comedy-romance manga. What I really like about the story is the girl itself. She is so much more than just a caretaker of Shotarou yet she doesn’t even realize it. She is a great girl with a really evil and really good heart. haha. Maybe it sounds a little complicated but that is what makes the story more exciting. With, her complex personally and hidden acting talents and skills, she managed to awe every people she work with, especially Ren.

On the latest chapter, she is so pissed because she ought to give a Valentines chocolate for Sho because the latter blackmailed her. Sho actually realized that he is in love with her. Ren too, is in love with her! hahahaha! very love triangle. She didn’t gave Ren a chocolate because she thought that it is not important to him, yet she is so wrong which he then happened to see that Kyoko made a chocolate for Sho. At the end of the chapter, Sho mistakenly thought that she is so in love with Ren that she wanted so badly to give chocolates for valentines.

Ren is really the male protagonist of the story. I like him better than Sho, hahaha! He acts cool on the outside yet he really is not. He often hide his true feelings by smiling yet Kyoko can see right trough it.

What happens to this Valentines Day roller coaster? Well, I’m as cluless, but I am so excited for this one. Hahahaha!

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