Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vampire Girl

Last night, I have finished reading this manga with only 17 chapters. Well, as the title suggests, it is about a vampire. I read it out of the blue because I was getting impatient waiting for the next chapter of Vampire Knight (I've featured this manga in one of my post here). I usually recommend a manga whenever i am updating my blog. But for this post, well, I just want to tell you guys of how disappointed I was with this manga. All vampire stories I have read before usually have a great story. So, I expected that this one should at least be exciting. It is exciting at first, but as I have read through chapter by chapter, I realized how
they kind of mixed all the legends into one.

The story revolves around a girl named Wana Koizumi and a vampire guy named Toujo Ren.
Wana was changed by Ren when she and her parents got into a car accident. Wana was disappoionted at first because she did not want this life, though Ren helps her to adjust in her new life. On the other hand, Ren is saved Wana because she reminds him of Sainishi, a girl he fell in with hunderds of years ago.
(The next paragraph contains a spoiler, you may or may not read it.)

Here's the crux, Wana is actually Sainishi. The thing is, Wana is Sainishi's reincarnated
form (A vampire? Reincarnation? ahm...) . Wana recovered her memories from her previous life through her brother who is also a vampire named Obayashi. Strangely enough, vampires can be killed using a pure silver bullet. (Isn't this suppose to be for werewolves? See how they mixed it?). Ren killed Obayashi from an encounter with him. With Wana's memories back, it was revealed that the one who killed her in past was Ren. After killing his own father who owns Sainishi back then and locks her on the basement, he and Sainishi lived togther with their two vampire friends. One night, the vilage they were living were hunting for vampires so they were running away. When they were at the forest, Ren pushed Sainishi, knowing that the pursuers would find her. She was killed by that. After some conversations, Wana killed Ren using a silver bullet.It was later on revealed that both of them are reincarnated several times, and every time they meet, they kill each other. The more they love each other, the more they also hate each other.

The whole story is just a weird and wrong combination for me. Reincarnated Vampire? Really?
And silver Bullets? Ugh. Besides that, the story is also weird. Neverending killings of lovers.
How can they be in love when they kill each other? I really do not understand.
I'm guessing that the writer is trying to create a unique story out of common types
of character but to me, it is just ridiculous. Reincarnated vampires and Silver Bullets are bad choices. But then, I like the way the story is presented. It's kind of mysterious, make me wanna think what's next ( too bad I was really disappointed) and there's an aura of matureness and some drama in there. Nevertheless, I was disappointed. I sure hope I won't read this kind of mismatch manga again.

Fow now, I won't rate. I think what's above shows it all. ^_^

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