Saturday, February 13, 2010

I’ve been busy with so many things lately so I haven’t read much mangas. But recently, I was able to finish reading this manga entitled HE'S DEDICATED TO ROSES. I saw this at Mangafox and was able to caught my attention because of its title. I find the title weird but interesting. The manga is actually about a She. The main character is a girl named Choi, Ida. Her family is in great debt and is living in Mimi’s family. Mimi is the main antagonist of the story. Since Choi Ida’s family started living in Mimi’s family, she was always bullied by Mimi. For Mimi, Ida is a toy she can play with. Because of Ida’s fear of having no house to live with her family plus a big amount of her dad’s debt to Mimi’s dad, she decided to obey everything Mimi said. Because of this, she created another identity of her named Choi Yodah, a strong and care free boy. Through Choi Yodah, she releases her anger (often with Mimi) by beating men. She also built strong friendship with Shinah and Junah. Later at the story, she falls in love with
a guy who seemed to get what he wants through using his looks to attract women named Gang Naru.

It may seem a little disappointing for the Lead guy there (I was actually disappointed myself too… at first *wink*). I’m not giving the complete details but the whole story has many twists actually. It also is a little dragging at first with all the bullying stuffs from Mimi and reminiscing the pasts (Bully scenes is my least favourite). But if you’re curious enough, I think sticking with the manga a little longer would pay off. Most of the twists are at the near end actually. Finishing it made me realize how good the plot is and how it was presented. I really don’t want to spoil anything by saying much than what is mentioned above because it is much better if you read this yourself. I recommend this manga because I think many Love-story lovers would love this. And I think it’s a good entertainment for those dateless pips this Valentines Day (don’t worry, you’re not alone *wink*).

So, He's Dedicated to Roses is rated : thumbs up! ^_^

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