Friday, July 10, 2009

One of my favourite manga characters are Sakura and Syaoran. Their first appearance wa in Card Captor Sakura. I remember when I was still in Grade school, I often watch the anime series of it on TV. Now, they are back with a new series. It is entitled Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. It is still an ongoing manga by Clamp. The characters that appeared on the story were a character on other series of Clamp like Sakura and Syaoran themselves. Many of it is from Card Captor Sakura. Characters aside, the story is so so so amazing. Sakura and Syaoran here have a mature role and is under a more complicated situation. Here is the overview:

Sakura is a princess of the kingdom Clow. I the beginning of the story, Syaoran was introduced as the childhood friend of Sakura. His father is an archaeologist and is often at his father’s side. Sakura had a seen of a strange symbol Syaoran found in the ruins of the Clow kingdom. When she visits Syaoran in the ruins the next day, she stands on the symbol opening a secret room and disappears into it. Syaoran run after her and finds her with a pair of ghostly wings being pulled into the wall. He tried to save him but the wings began to fall to bits scattering in every different dimensions. Yukito, high priest of the country realized that the wings were actually Sakura’s materialization of her soul and with out it, Sakura will die. Yukito sent them to the dimensional witch.
They made a wish to the witch that can grant every person’s wish in return for something that is equal to the wish. Syaoran made an agreement to the witch that in exchange for travelling through different dimensions, even though Sakura will gain a feather, she will not regain a single memory of him. That night, he met Kurogane, very strong and skilful swordsman and Fay, a very powerful magician. Together, they travelled thought different dimensions in search for Sakura’s feather.

Actually, the plot indicated above is not actually the real root of the story. It is just a itsy bitsy information about the whole story. This manga was categorized by One Manga as an action-adventure, fantasy, shounen, and a tragedy type of story. There is still a love story but it was not the only focus of the story.

At first, I thought the plot above is all there is to it to the story, but in truth, there is more, much more to it. I was really shocked as I the story progresses. So much more twists that I didn’t expect. That is actually one of the great sides of this story; it has a lot of surprises. It has so many stories in just one series. Every character has it’s own goals and wishes which made the story more complicated than it already is. This is actually one of my favourite manga. Hehe. I super super recommend anyone to read this manga.
For me, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is rated: “double thumbs up!”

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