Friday, July 10, 2009

Another shoujo manga that I like is Beauty Pop. Kiri Koshiba is the female protagonist of the story. She is a very talented stylist and is the daughter of very famous hair stylists. Her father is known on his time because of his ability to cut hairs in the shortest time. Her mother is a very famous stylist in Hollywood. Although she knows that she is good, she does not show it to people. She often help girls that have problems with self-esteem and help them have a better look. She always acts like she don’t care and she just want to be left alone but she still have friends on her side. In the school she went to, she met the SP(Scissors Project) Team, a group of three boys at school, gives luxurious makeovers to already-beautiful specially selected girls. Shogo Narumi, the head of the group and a hairstyling genius in his own right, finds himself butting heads with Kiri. To make things more complicated, Ochiai, another member of SP, plots to expose Kiri's talents. As much as Kiri tried to stay away from attention , she found herself being drag on the hairstyling world.

Kiri Koshiba is a really humble character. That is what I so much like about her. She know that she knows something yet she doesn’t brag it. Instead, she makes ways to help others rather than just showing off what she can do. It doesn’t really focuses on the love story but her journey through the hairstyling world. I am so fond of her character because I would rather have that same outlook in life.

So for me, Beauty Pop is rated: “ok!”

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  1. I love this's this kind of mangas that I like...and the ending was really fun! n_n