Thursday, July 9, 2009

One of the shortest manga that I have read is Beast Master by Kyousuke Motomi. It was published in Japan by Shogakukan and only has 7 chapters. I have also read this one on One Manga.

Kubozuka Yuiko is the girl on the story, a second year high school and no boyfriend and she absolutely loves animals. One night, after chasing a cat, she saw a really scary guy holding the cat. The day after, she met that really scary guy, which happens to be her new classmate. His name is Aio Leo. Anyone who sees him will really be scared because he looks like a killer. He is not ugly but his face looks like he’s about to kill anyone near him. But, Yuiko is not scared of him and really wants to know him. Leo is loved by animals...absolutely adored by the animals. Animals get close to him and Yuiko is so envious because she love animals too but the animals don’t love him. She is the only one who got closed to Leo which made her look like a Beast Tamer to people.

*Spoiler Alert!*

Leo has an animal like instinct which he learned from living in Africa. Whenever he see blood, he becomes a beast-like creature who forgets whatever he does during that state. Only Yuiko was able to get close to him and “tame” him. She can stop him whenever he becomes deadly. They have the opposite ability of each other. Leo is loved by animals but people is scared of him while Yuiko is liked by humans but the animals are scared of her. In reality, Leo is ignorant and naive. He does not know much about the world and Yuiko was the one to discover it. She slowly introduced him to around people and eventually, he was accepted by many. But still, no one could get closed...

What I like about Beast Master? Don’t you think it’s just so wonderful that a girl can tame a beast-like guy? Hahahaha! For me, it’s amazing! I like the idea of putting such a pleasant plot. It’s very cute and weird. Hehehe. It sounds a little off the way I describe the story but this is how I see it. To put it all, I am just fond of the story. It makes me smile whenever Yuiko “tames” Leo. It really is a good, must-read piece of work! Hehehe.

For me, Beast Master is rated: “smile”.

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