Thursday, July 9, 2009

Absolute Boyfriend or Zettai Kareshi is another romance manga I have read. I don’t have the published copy of it but I have read it on One Manga. I have already finished reading this and it is so fantastic. The story revolves around Riiko Izawa and Night. Riiko is the NBSB type (No Boyfriend Since Birth) and was always rejected by the guy she had feelings for. She was able to meet Gaku Namikiri who works for Kronos Heaven. After visiting the company’s website and filling up some information about a guy she would like, she received a big package containing something that would change her life forever.

*Spoilers Alert!*

The package contains a guy robot which she later named Night. The robot was designed to meet her qualifications she gave to the company. But she owed the company 100,000,000 yen after the three day trial which she never knew until she was told by Gaku. Problematic, she devised many ways to pay the amount with Night’s help. Though a human is in love with her, she still chose Night. As the story progresses she fell in love with him. And then, Soshi Asamoto her childhood friend confessed his love for Riiko. At the end of the story, Night begins to exceed his abilities which resulted to his body to stop working. He left memories that Riiko will remember as long as she live.

I was literally crying at the end of the story. When Riiko found out that Night was “dead” I felt like Night is a real man through the things he did for Riiko. He exceeded the program that was on his system and did things that were very human like. Night even left a letter for Soshi to take care of her when he is gone. At the last page, Riiko said these words: “Even though you’re not by my side, Night, you will forever be my first man.. My Zettai Kareshi.” That line was both painful yet an acceptance of what happened. Letting go and looking forward to the future. Riiko realized that Night will always be alive in her memory and will always be her first.

The story shows that first love are forever be remembered especially for a girl like Riiko. Night was her first boyfriend although he is not human. Many may think that falling in love with a robot is just ridiculous. I thought that too, when I first read the first 5 chapters of the manga, but I just can’t see myself not falling in love for someone like Night. Yes, he is a not a human but he acts just like a human which he knew that will lead him to death. He chose to be a real lover for Riiko. How can a girl not see this? I bet girls would love someone who will make such a sacrifice for a girl he loves. This is also a story of letting go. Of accepting that things may or will not come back to the way it was whatever one might do. Riiko could not do anything for Night to wake up. Even if she please the company to fix Night, he will never wake up again.

And for that, Absolute Boyfriend is a thumbs up for me!

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  1. the ending made me cry...and...if I have 2 cry it really has to be good/serious...I haven't read a manga that actually was THIS emotional...XD...I love it!