Friday, July 10, 2009

Love Monster. A shojo manga by Riko Miyagi.

Ok, so I really love shojo manga. I’m a girl! I think that is normal. Hehehe. So, Love Monster like I said is another shojo manga I have read which a supernatural love story. Hiyoko Osora is the female protagonist of the story. She failed all the entrance exam of the schools of her choice. After that, she received a strange acceptance letter from SM Academy. What she did not know is that, the school is actually a school for monsters!

In the academy, she met a monster Tenmo Kouro, head of the school’s student union and a monster crow. He has a jet black wings which he is so proud of. To make her new life more complicated, Tenmo announced to all that they were engaged! As she stays longer at the school, she actually met nice friends and became accustomed to the life there. Although she always gets in a lot of trouble because of her ties with Tenmo, she fell in love with Tenmo as time passes. She is actually a popular target of boys in their school because of cuteness and the rareness of the female population at the said school. As if a monster school is not enough, she then discovered that she is actually a monster herself! She is the legendary White Crow who is extremely rare. The white crow has an incredible amount of power and is said that a white crow’s feather can grant wishes. Because of this, her life became more and more complicated because she was targeted by many monsters. Many more complications were developed that has more revelations and shocking truth at the end of the story.

I won’t write in here the twists that the manga has because I want YOU to read yourself. It is also a nice manga which got me addicted for more. Some scenes on this manga is actually a liitle (just a little) aggressive. Aside that, it is still is a lovely manga that will surely make girls scream.

For me, Love Monster is rated: “Thumbs up!”

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