Sunday, June 28, 2009

Japan is one of the most successful countries in Asia today. Its culture and influence is well known to the whole world. One of the things which Japan is proudly made of is Manga. Manga is a comic book consists of printed cartoons. Manga is read by everyone in Japan. Its popularity in the country is so intense that it has become a foremost part of the Japanese publishing industry. Today, manga is also popular world wide, selling millions of copies in United States and Europe.

Manga covers all genres: romance, music, horror, sci-fi, comedy and more. Manga can also be read online today. Many sites are popping out in the internet offering manga scans. Manga is also controversial. Due to its content.. many criticisms have been made. Some countries are concern that Japan is promoting false notion in people’s mind about their country and culture, emphasizing Japan’s way of thinking. Many parents are also concern that their children are exposed to pornographic and gore images.

But for me, manga is an excellent piece of art. Manga has indeed a wide variety of stories which are not suitable for all ages. But that what it makes it the more beautiful. It has a lot of different kinds of stories to show. I really think it depends on the reader how he or she will interpret the things he/she reads or saw. Like me, I have read a lot of stories, from romance (that includes… you know…), horror, fantasy, gore (that includes violent killings), and even the ridiculous concept of super heroes, but, it didn’t have such great impacts in my life. Sure, it still does, but I tend to have a different view towards these kinds of things. If one only sees what’s on the surface, one cannot appreciate the real beauty of it. Such incredible piece of art, such beauty and creativity that it contains… Manga is a really really great art once you come to read and understand it. It presents so much more stories and theories to life.

Japan manga today, continues to evolve. So many new writers, animators and publishers are coming out. They provide new ideas on the table. They are the ones who create worlds that make the readers awe every time they read it. Manga has been an enormous collection of chronicles and still getting more and more gigantic. The future is not certain, as many say. But today onwards, I sure hope for a better understanding of manga and the world it creates.

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