Sunday, August 30, 2009

I stumble upon this very interesting manga series last week in
It is entitled Fly High. First things first, The Plot. Fly High is about a 12 year old girl named Meru Tachibana. She is really not a girl all her life. Confusing? Well, she is raised by her father since she was months old until she was 12 thinking that she is a boy! Her father is a skilled combater so he wants his “son” t be as skilled as him so he trains him to the mountain. Until Meru told him that she is classified as a girl in their Medical Check up in school so he returned her to her mother. Meru’s mother is so angry about this fact that her father suddenly “abducted” her when she was still a baby thinking that she is a boy. Now,
Meru’s mother wants her to become a normal girl and wants her to restrain her supernatural strength she acquired. She must absolutely not show her true strength in people and must live as a young normal girl in her new school. However, she met this group of students who “rules” the entire school. Imposing fear on all of the student. At first she decided to play along the flow but when her best friend screwed by this group, she decided to battle it out with them…

When I first read the plot, I said, Ok, let’s give this a try. And it did not disappoint me. What I like about it is that it shows that even girls can kick butt! And the fact that she is striving hard for her friends to be free from this group’s “oppression”. Personally, I want to be someone like Meru, physically strong but still have a soft heart. The love story part in shown between her and Riku – a foreign student who is a super genius. Their story is still not that clear on the first chapters of the series but there are some parts that is really exciting. It is still an ongoing manga so I’m super excited on what’s gonna happen next. I recommend this manga especially to the girls and hope you enjoy reading it.

So for me, Fly High is rated: “thumbs up!”


  1. u r sooo right...XD...this manga just makes u want to read more and more...I can't wait till the next chapter comes out!!!n_n