Saturday, August 8, 2009

One of the most famous, most action-pack, hottest, and one of the greatest manga and as well as anime today is Naruto. Naruto is neck-to-neck with Bleach in terms of popularity and reigning king of shonen manga series in the manga world. Naruto, as the title suggest is the protagonist of the story. In the beginning of the story, Naruto is a student of a Ninja Academy in there town called Konohagakure. His ultimate dream is to become the next Hokage of their town. A Hokage is the leader of the said town, and of course a very good and on of the best ninjas on all town. At his training of becoming a ninja,

he befriends his teammates Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. Naruto is portrayed as a lively young boy that is quite dumb and always gets into trouble. Later on, it was revealed that he actually conceals a very powerful nine-tailed demon fox on his body. This is the reason why naruto has a such a powerful shakra on him. He considers Sasuke as his rival because Sasuke is a genius student ninja and has a promising future than Naruto. But later on, thing begun to go upside down.
This manga series is still on going. I won’t go into the juicy stuff of this series because it would be much of a spoiler. I want to introduce this manga because I consider this as one of Manga World’s pride. It really has an amazing plot and keeps the excitement alive. I for one am a fan of this series. If I were to choose between Bleach and Naruto, no doubt, I would choose Naruto. No offense for the Bleach fans but Naruto for me is much more… exhilarating! I highly and absolutely recommend this manga for anyone who is planning to read a new manga. And for any of you who is also reading this, well, “appear!”. :)
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So, for me, Naruto is rated: double thumbs up! with compliments in between. :)

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